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How many miles are on your motor's timing belt?  Not sure?  If so, you're gambling with very high stakes, indeed.  If the belt breaks while you're on the gas, there's a good chance of bending many, if not all of the intake valves in the motor…big bucks!  To err on the side of caution, we recommend changing the timing belt every 45,000 miles, rather than the factory recommended 60,000 miles.  Frankly, we've seen many cars bust the belt well before the 60,000 mile mark.

This rule should be followed on all multi-valve (4 or 5) VW motors, just to be safe.  In fact, it's wise to use this shorter interval on all VW "interference" engines, those with 10:1 or higher compression, or even lower compression motors with high-lift camshafts.  For belt applications and pricing information, contact us at 1-800-553-1055