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The clutch is the way the power gets to the ground, and whether you have a stock, or high performance watercooled VW, that means it's an important component. We've got the right parts to get your clutch change done properly, from a stock replacement clutch, to a hand-built SACHS RACE ENGINEERING (SRE®) sintered disc racing clutch (recommended for very serious autocross or track work only).

The standard clutch on your Volkswagen is made by SACHS, and it's a good one. It can, however, become overstressed when many engine modifications are added. Hopped-up two liters or turbocharged engines make Sport clutches a must, and quite frankly even then require good judgement on the part of the driver (It's not often we hear complaints of too much power these days...). Deciding whether to purchase a standard replacement clutch or to upgrade to a Sport Clutch can be difficult. Please consult our Technical Department for recommendations catered to your vehicle and your wants and needs.

Clutch Kit / Components