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Oil Cooler Kits

We at Autotech have compiled what we feel is the finest quality oil cooler kit available. We now offer two different hose and fitting designs. Stainless Braided hose with XRP aircraft type ends, or XRP polymer hose and XRP Push Lite ends. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of the finest components. Each component used in our kits has been selected for its superior quality and design:

Oil Cooler (radiator) - Setrab aluminum matrix type. Used by nearly all major racing teams from IRL and CHAMPCAR to F1. Made in Sweden.

Hose - XRP Plus size 10 stainless steel braided hose; or size 10 XRP Hypertemp polymer hose. Made in USA.

Hose Ends - XRP cutter type fittings are used in our braided hose kits. XRP ends are superbly machined from 2024 and 6061 aluminum. These anodized ends are setting a new standard of quality in professional racing with their superior design that maintains a leakproof swivel connection after assembly. Made in USA.

For the Hypertemp polymer hose kits, we supply XRP Push Lite hose ends. Also made from anodized 2024 and 6061 aluminum, Push Lite ends make hose routing and assembly a snap. Just push the hose over the Push Lite's special barb, and you're done. No clamps, No Hassles. Suited for up to 250psi.

What's Included:

Each of our kits include: sandwich plates, a 10 row Setrab Cooler, 2 90° ends, 2 straight ends, 6ft. of hose, filter stud, zip-tie mounts, mounting hardware, and hose assembly instructions.

10 Row Setrab Oil Cooler may be upgraded to 13, 16 or 19 Row Setrab Oil Cooler for an additional charge. Call for details.


Setrab Oil Coolers

Setrab aluminum oil coolers are reknowned world wide for their superb quality. Nearly every Formula One team uses Setrab exclusively. They are supplied as original equipment to BMW, Ferrari, and the motorsport divisions of most European car manufacturers, including Volkswagen Motorsport. Setrab coolers are made in Sweden, using the very latest vacuum brazing processes. Setrab's high surface area matrix design provides a very compact design with excellent heat rejection capability for its size. Pressure tested to 225 psi and burst tested to 375psi, this is one of the most durable coolers available. Setrab oil coolers are also available in other sizes upon special order. All coolers below are supplied with AN10 male fittings.

Note: Autotech can supply the complete line of XRP and Setrab products, please feel free to contact us for your needs.

In addition, VDO pressure and temperature senders, special early warning senders, gauges, and accessories are available in the section of this website.

Oil Cooling