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Autotech Power Module for KE-Jetronic VWs

We have found that in order to meet rigid emissions and economy requirements, the KE-Jetronic Volkswagens are running considerably leaner than the ideal air/fuel ratio which produces the most horsepower.

Substantial horsepower gains can be seen by merely making sure that the engine is getting the fuel that it needs. Basically, the more air that an engine is moving, the more that the engine stands to gain by getting additional fuel.

The chemical minimum for complete fuel combustion is a 14.7:1 air-to-fuel ratio, termed the "stoichiometric" ratio. Generally, peak horsepower is achieved when an engine (any engine) is run on about 5% to 15% less air than stoichiometric.

We knew that since KE-injected cars run leaner than the performance ideal, horsepower gains could be seen just by properly administering the correct amount of fuel to the engine. It is also known that engines with modifications such as cams, exhaust systems, and increased displacement move much more air than a standard engine. If the fuel system is left in its standard form, these engines tend to run even farther away from the ideal ratio of air and fuel.

Autotech's Power Module was developed to rectify the power robbing condition of insufficient fuel delivery. This electronic device simply administers the correct amount of fuel needed, when it is needed, for maximum performance. It is designed for use on all 1985-89 Volkswagen automobiles that use Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection.

The Power Module measures two parameters, engine speed and throttle position, in order to properly determine when additional fuel is required. Then, it sends a predetermined current to the Electro-Hydraulic pressure Actuator, or EHA, which controls the amount of fuel being sent to each injector. This modified current tells the fuel distributor to increase the fuel supply to the engine.

The Power Module's ability to "think" for itself is what makes it different from other enrichment devices on the market. This device is not "on" all the time, it engages only when conditions find it necessary. This allows your fuel injection to function as if it were unmodified during normal use.

The Power Module will not interfere with the injection during steady-state cruising and remains "transparent" during critical cold-start operations. In fact, the Autotech Power Module has earned an exemption order from the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-375), making it 50 state emissions legal. Tune up specifications for your car with the Power Module installed are exactly the same as stock.

The Power Module has one adjustment. It controls peak fuel delivery. Each of the settings is designed for specific vehicles with certain levels of modification, from stock Fox to 2.1L 16V. Detailed instructions tell you where to set the device for optimal performance.

Gains typically range from 4 to 7 horsepower, depending on the type of motor and its modifications. We have never experienced a gain of less than 4 horsepower, and have seen gains during engine dyno testing as high as 14 horsepower (this incredible gain was seen on a highly modified 1.8 liter 16V engine). Again, the more air the engine is moving, the greater the benefit from additional fuel.

The Autotech Power Module is very simple to install. It requires only 20 to 30 minutes time, and no special tools. The wiring harness uses factory connectors to maintain the highest level of fit without wire cutting. None of the original wiring on your vehicle is removed or modified.

* Some 1985-87 GX-engined cars, and all 1987-89 Fox models, came without a full throttle switch from the factory. Cars without factory full throttle enrichment switch must add one.

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