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Autotech offers what we feel is the most comprehensive line of high quality sport exhaust systems available. 

The basics are what we at Autotech consider to be mandatory features of a high quality exhaust system.  Don't be surprised if some of these basics aren't included in our competitor's systems.  However, you can rest assured that these features are standard issue on a SportTuned Exhaust.

Heavy Gauge Tubing
Our Stainless Steel Exhausts use aircraft quality 16 gauge alloy tubing.  Stainless is so durable, most exhausts made from it are only 18 gauge.  Our heavier 16 gauge is a better choice because it maintains an extra measure of durability at weld points and through the bends.

CNC Mandrel Bends
The only way to maintain uniform tube diameter through any bend, is to use a mandrel inside the tube while bending it.  The reason mandrel bends are important is simple:  airflow.  A non-mandrel bend can reduce airflow by 35%.  Most muffler shops don't have mandrel bending machines.  They're just too expensive.  So, while your local muffler man says he can custom make you an exhaust, chances are you'd be better off stock!  Our SportTuned Exhausts are bent on CNC mandrel bending machines capable of bending to exacting tolerances.  Each part is then test-fit in a precision fixture before it is approved for sale.

Quiet Performance
Unlike some other sport exhausts, our SportTuned Exhaust is designed with comfortable sound levels in mind.  No one should have to put up with a noisy, buzzy exhaust (local law enforcement included) just to get horsepower.

Proper Fit
Obvious, you say?  You'd think so, but believe it or not, proper fit is more often overlooked than not.  At Autotech, we take fitment very seriously.  Our exhausts mount using the original hanger locations, and follow the path in the body that offers the most clearance possible.  This assures the installation will be clunk free and hassle free.

Clamps & Hangers
We use OEM-type shell clamps in all of our SportTuned Exhausts. They're extremely strong and seal each connection in a uniform manner.  They won't deform or pinch the tube like saddle (u-bolt) clamps do.  We also supply first quality, OEM rubber hangers with our systems (where applicable). OEM hangers last longer and support the exhaust better.

High Quality
We strive to make the best quality exhaust systems available.  If you're given the opportunity to compare an Autotech SportTuned Exhaust to any of our competition first hand, we know you'll see the difference immediately.  We believe that high quality materials and construction techniques are instrumental to overall build quality.  Even the condition of manufacturing equipment plays a big role in the finished product's worth.  Our manufacturing facility uses the latest equipment and continuously updates machines and tooling to maintain a high quality product.

High Performance
True "high performance" is achieved only when the increase in performance obtained is suited for its intended purpose.  Autotech SportTuned Exhaust Systems are designed as an overall package for the street driver that improves power across a broad rpm range, not just one that sacrifices it all to get the biggest dyno number at 7,000 rpm.

Value is perhaps the most important feature of an Autotech SportTuned Exhaust.  Compare what's out there, what you get, dollar for dollar, and we think you'll agree that we have the best value in an exhaust system there is.

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Stainless Steel Exhaust