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A good place to start your own SportTuning program is with your car's suspension. The rewards are great: a Volkswagen with a tuned suspension is an excellent handling car. An AUTOTECH suspension system can make day-to-day driving or that special stretch of road a lot more interesting. And, if you're considering a high performance engine package, then a proper suspension base is essential.

The choices available when upgrading your VWís suspension can prove a bit daunting at first. Nowadays, there are a lot of people out there selling VW performance parts and it seems more come along each day. However, there are very few that have been offering complete suspension solutions for these cars since the A1/Mk1 chassis was the one-and-only. AUTOTECH was there back then, and continues to engineer some of the best suspension components you can buy for your Volkswagen, no matter what chassis you drive.

One of the things that sets AUTOTECH apart from many others is the fact that we offer a complete range of suspension products. Our products are designed to work beautifully on their own, but are developed to work in harmony together as part of the ultimate suspension.

Educating yourself on some basic aspects of your carís design and gathering a bit of knowledge on simple principles of a carís dynamics can help to clarify what your needs are and how to satisfy them.