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MINTEX PADS, REAR, 4/93>2005 MK4 MK3

The first step in SportTuning your brakes is to install pads that can handle the heat generated by performance driving. Autotech is proud to now offer the next generation of performance brake pads...Mintex.Mintex Performance brake pads are a cut above their competition for two important reasons: One, Mintex pads have a higher temperature rating. This means they can withstand higher peak temperatures before fading. Two, Mintex pads are quicker to warm up than their competitors. Their better cold coefficient of friction is very important when it comes to cold weather running, or just that first stop you need to make each morning on the way to work. These pads are, of course, asbestos-free, and the minimal dust from them won't stick to your wheels like that from stock pads. In fact, they're every bit as dust-free as their competition. Mintex semi-metallic pads make a night and day difference over stock brake pads when it comes to performance, and if you're using those other performance pads now, you'll be pleased with the Mintex pad's superior pedal feel and responsiveness. Move up to a new level of braking performance...move up to Mintex.
MINTEX PADS, REAR, 4/93>2005 MK4 MK3
Part#: 10-698-M1377

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