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AUTOTECH SPORT 286 Solid Lifter 8V Cam (MK1 84 & earlier)

The last word in performance solid lifter cams. This cam runs strong after 3000 rpm and peaks at 6800 rpm, netting a 13 horsepower gain. The profile is 11.2mm lift with a 286 degree duration measured (the European way) at 0.1mm check clearance. Translated, this is 0.436 inches lift and 243 degrees of duration at 0.050 check clearance. The AUTOTECH Sport 286 solid lifter cam works best on injected cars that are already extensively modified. This cam requires the use of SportTuned Valve Springs. Lifetime warranty.Note: High lift camshafts can create unique problems in VW solid lifter cylinderheads. The standard valve stem seal can be struck by the upper valve spring retainer at lifts higher than .430 inches. We recommend using the shorter Teflon seals. On cams with a lift of greater than .430 inches the standard valve springs may bind on solid lifter heads. It is generally recommended that you install sport valve springs when using cams with greater than .430 inches of lift. Be aware that when using cams with greater than .430 inches of lift on some solid lifter heads, it may become necessary to clearance grind each side of the lifter bores to prevent camshaft interference with the cylinder head casting. This requires removal of the head.

Install Instructions

8V Cam Specs
AUTOTECH SPORT 286 Solid Lifter 8V Cam (MK1 84 & earlier)
Part#: 10-109-01-102

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