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AUTOTECH SPORT 260 Hydro Lifter Cam

hydraulic lifter camshaft was originally developed for use in Volkswagen G60 engines. The unique demands of a forced-induction engine require a special cam design to fully optimize power gains. Shorter duration with less overlap are key features in getting the biggest charge possible into the combustion chamber. Too much overlap will result in wasted intake air, literally running through the motor without being used. This cam is also suitable for use in Mk3 2.0L cars, as it is does not usually require updating the valve springs, or remapping of the car's ECU to run well. This camshaft will provide gains of approximately 10 horsepower on a G60 engine. The Autotech 260 Hydro Cam is ground on an OEM chill hardened billet. SportTuned Valve Springs are not required for every application but are highly recommended for the best top-end performance. Fits all 1.8L and 2.0L liter engines with hydraulic lifters, including crossflow heads. Lifetime warranty.Asymmetric Lift: 0.421 Intake & 0.409 Exhaust Duration: 260/256 on 111 lobe center.All of our hydraulic lifter 8V camshafts are 50 state legal under C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-375-1. The 260 cam is designed for dual valve spring hydraulic lifter 8V Vws. 96+ OBD2 MK3s and all 2.0L MK4s will need to change to our dual valve spring conversion kit 10-109-605K.

Install Instructions

8V Cam Specs
AUTOTECH SPORT 260 Hydro Lifter Cam
Part#: 10-109-420

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